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Philosophy on Birth

~ Your Experience ~ Your Options ~

We believe that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural and normal functions of a woman’s body, mind, emotions and spirit.


By Jessicca Moore.

Sunrise Midwifery Celebrates Birth

A Universal Experience

We are here to provide the diverse families of Ventura County:

Private, licensed, midwifery care, specializing in Home & Birth Center births.

Prenatal care that is individualized, non-intrusive and respectful of mother, baby and family.

Birthing support in a Home Birth or Birth Center setting that nurtures, guides and informs while respecting the strength of women’s bodies and each mother’s freedom of choice.

A skilled Midwife and trained Midwife Assistant present at every birth practicing traditional Midwifery to support the whole family.

Delayed clord-clamping.

Immediate skin-to-skin bonding for mother & her newborn continous contact and no seperation.

VBAC support. Sunrise Midwifery welcome’s & supports women seeking Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean. Learn More

Our teams decades of various professional and personal experiences enables us to provide comprehensive and holistic support in pregnancy and childbirth.

Responding to deviations in labor requiring: IV’s, medications, resusative equipment or other medically needed interventions for safety.

Accessing baby in labor with doppler ausculation providing care.

Gentle and evidence based Newborn Care.

Provide expert lactation support.

We believe that every expecting mother deserves to be:


For her unique life story and family situation.


Through a natural birth experience in a safe, private setting with trusted and experienced care.

Cared For

With kindness and personal commitment.
We are women helping other women in this community.

Services Provided


Routine lab work, Ultrasounds, non-timed appointments, natural wholistic modalities.


Private, undisturbed, personal care in a comfortable, safe well-equipped homelike setting suited for labor & birth.


Home or Birth Center, laboring in water is natures analgesic (instead of epidural have what we call an aquadural).


The ultimate in privacy and natural setting, the comfort of your home is your nest and sanctuary where you are in control of your space with the freedoms and choices to labor your way (i.e. lighting, movement, food intake, optional children & pets participation, selected family member inclusion etc..


Newborn Exams (in mother’s arms or at her bedside). Breastfeeding support. newborn care and follow-up postpartum home visits.


Referrals to OB/GYN, Physicians, Lactation Consultants, & other community services as needed.


Newborn Exams (in mother’s arms or at her bedside). Breastfeeding support. newborn care and follow-up postpartum home visits.


About Karni the Midwife

My Journey to become a midwife began after experiencing firsthand the essence of midwifery. I was personally moved by the endless patience, calm reassurance and gentle touch of the Midwife who guided me through the birth of my first son in 1976. The profound experience of giving birth transformed me. It gave me the belief that labor is a powerful and healthy force. I knew then that all women deserve the loving and compassionate care Midwives provide. This belief was the catalyst for my life’s work of service to women during their pregnancy and birth. 

For me, becoming a Midwife was a slow metamorphosis, coming largely from hands-on experience. I first began serving women as a empirical Midwife in 1979.

1996 was a fruitful year for me, both personally and professionally. My second son was born at home in the midst of a new era for California’s Midwives. My Midwifery accomplishments were recognized by the state and permitted me to be among the first group of Midwives to achieve licensing in California.

When I’m not caring for mother and babies at Sunrise Birthing Center I also work with families as a Mothering Mentor/Parenting Coach. 

I feel both honored and humbled to serve women and their families during one of the most important and sacred events in life.


With Gratitude. 

~~ Karni Seymour-Brown LM

Meet the Midwives

Each member of the Sunrise Birth Team brings a calm, confident spirit and capable hands to every birth she attends.

Diane Berger RN PHN has assisted Karni at both home and birth center births since 1997. She began her career as a public health nurse with Ventura County Public Health and has an extensive background in maternal-child health. In addition, Diane provides in-home breastfeeding support throughout Ventura County. The joy of being a mother to 3 boys born at home provides her with much compassion and levity for process of becoming a parent..

Diane Berger RN PHN

Midwife Assistant

Karni Seymour-Brown LM, is one of the first legally licensed Midwives in California. She is the mother of two children, both born with Midwives and she has ben devoted since 1979 to helping women embrace the innate power of birth through compassionate one-on-one care. Karni opened Sunrise Birthing Center Ventura, CA in 2000 as an extension of her commitment and service..

Karni Seymour-Brown LM


Audrey Nicholson has been with the Sunrise birth team since 2017 as an assistant midwife. Ventura native, mother to three amazing children, creator of herbal body and medicinal line All Good Things Apothecary and nanny to many local families


Audrey Nicholson

Midwife Assistant

Happy Mothers.

Starservice is rated 4.9/5.0 based on 1,490 reviews.

My family and I thank our blessings each day that such an incredible spirit was a part of our birth experience. You approach the miracle of birth with your heart and strength. Thank you for creating a clearing a space for me to let my body open wide and give birth to an incredible baby girl. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience birth at home with loving hands around me and on me, Con mucho carino..”


Karni is the perfect example of graceful confidence balanced with extraordinary skill that we strive for in this profession..She has attended more births than many doctors have attended in their entire careers.., has had her fair share of challenging ones, and through this experience knows exactly what to do and when. Birthing babies is sacred and dramatic work, and Karni respects this balance with great heart, and no ego. In fact, I trust her so implicitly that she is once again caring for me during my own pregnancy! I am proud to support her in any way that I can.


Geeta Maker-Clark, MD, Family Physician, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, – Magnolia Family Medical Clinic | Ventura County Medical Center

I was privileged to have Karni by my side for the birth of all three of my precious babies and Diane was both our lactation consultant and Karni’s assistant for our births. It’s difficult for me to put my birth experiences into words because I feel such deep and profound gratitude. I was so beautifully and perfectly supported from the first appointment to post-birth follow up appointments; to the months following and in between pregnancies and births. I think of the births of my children as the most joyful, beautiful days of my life – and Karni’s role in that is, of course, pivotal. You couldn’t find a better person to build you up and guide you through. Karni has empathy, skill, care and a sense of humor. She is knowledgeable and wise. She is tenacious and passionate. She is open and loving and warm and calm. She is simply the best – human and midwife. My family is so lucky to have her.

Lisanne Kurtz

Live Birth @ Sunrise Birthing Center

Birth Center Virtual Tour

Warm family & child friendly environment for all prenatal women exams & birth.


Have your children participate in the whole experience. We have toys & games to keep them entertained.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Sunrise provides primary care for all low risk, healthy pregnancies.

Sunrise supports women to birth in many positions, including standing, squatting, hands and knees, side lying, and in the tub. Sunrise midwifery care allows women to actively birth naturally, resulting in better outcomes for both mother and baby. Finding the right position is imperative to making progress in labor.

Sunrise approaches birth from Mother Nature’s timing prospective… it is a process we do not control and happens over time.  Our laboring women are encouraged to follow their own body’s unique timing and progression in labor all within the context that mother and baby are healthy.  There is no artificial timeline, curve or restrictions.

Women are attended by the same midwife throughout their pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum, assuring the highest-quality continuity of care.

Will My Insurance Cover Midwife Costs?

Most insurances accepted. We provide you with a 3rd party billing company who (for a small fee) will assist you with getting coverage and reimbursement by your insurance carrier. Contact Us to find out (805) 648-2350

I don't have Insurance. What are my options?

Sunrise offers flexible, personalized payment plans on an individual basis if needed. Contact Us to find out (805) 648-2350

Will my Midwife be on call 24 hours?

Yes we are on call 24/7.

The midwife will act as your primary care provider during your pre-natal period. In a low risk normal pregnancy, you will not need to see a physician unless the pregnancy becomes complicated, in which case Sunrise will make a referral for a meet and greet with a backup OBGYN – physician.
What about complications?

Karni as one of the first Licensed Midwives in California has years of experience. She is trained in preventing, managing and knows when to transfer compications. The team at Sunrise is certified in both Neonatal Resusitation and CPR. They come prepared to each birth an excellent skill set, emergency back-up plan that is specific for you and where you live.

Yes, VBAC Friendly (Evaluated on an individual basis.)
What if I need to see a physician?

We refer out as needed from a large trusted network.

What if I need to see a Lactation Consultant?

We refer out as needed from a large trusted network. 

ULTRASOUNDS – Referral for personalized Ultrasound

Physician Referral: Made for consulting/back up physician

Referrals for specific genetic counseling & screening.

Referral for pediatricians.




DIANE BERGER: Provides loving support and education for breastfeeding moms and babies with special attention to attachment parenting; developing awareness of cues and communication between parents and babies, using baby’s reflexive feeding instincts to assist breastfeeding outcomes through supporting different infants and mother’s breastfeeding styles.

She also has extensive experience in working through the varied issues faced by breastfeeding mothers and babies, including latch-on difficulties, severe engorgement, overproduction, low milk supply, sore nipples, multiple babies, inadequate weigh gain for infant, breast surgery, adoptive breastfeeding, supplementing, and pumping.

How are newborn exams done?
All exams are completed at mothers bedside.
What if I need Breastfeeding assistance?

We’re here to help.

Well woman/annual exams
  • TYPE OF INSURANCE ACCEPTED – All PPO’s that include a maternity/midwifery care option (Provider needs to confirm benefits as each plan is different.)Connect with our billing service who provides billing to patient insurance for all Sunrise families.
  • Check/verify benefit coverage & inform patient of plan as to any steps needed to follow for maximum coverage.
  • Sunrise request: 80% of fees as a deposit prior to birth.  Insurance can only be billed after birth.
  • When insurance plan/carrier is billed $5900.00 in approximate claims/fees will be submitted. All prenatal care, multiple visits, midwife and birth assistant attendance for labor & birth, 2 home postpartum visits, newborn exam, 6-week postpartum visit.


  • CASH DISCOUNTS – SELF PAY, NO INSURANCE (Personalized payment plans available.)
  • Checks – Cash – Money Orders

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